Our Münster

Münster does not only have the highest standard of living among German cities, but it is also internationally known for the Peace of Westphalia, which was established in 1648 in the Friedenssaal of Münster and Osnabrück. Even today, these incidents affect the modern Münster: Supranational structures, scientific excellence, international exchange, and economic power are based on the European system of open borders. Open borders catalyse lively exchange between neighbors, foster cultural diversity, and, last but not least, promote the economic prosperity of our city.
By its nature as a pan-European party, Volt advocates for the coalescence of the European society, which by its shared values - Solidarity, sustainability, freedom, equity, dignity, and equal opportunity – forms the counterbalance against populist, authoritarian and far-right politics. At Volt, we stand for a progressive and pragmatic approach to politics. We are making a unique attempt to solve the challenges we face today in Münster by adapting best practices from abroad. We reach out globally and find comparable, adaptable solutions to our local challenges. The biggest obstacles in our time, like climate change, mass migration, ongoing digitalisation, and globalised trade, require collective European approaches.
Pluralistic debates, vivid conversations, the empowerment of our citizens, and their active involvement in political processes are vital for a lively democracy.

Mobile Münster.

Mobility is one of the central subjects in local politics, where we stand for a holistic approach, which will create a healthier and more attractive urban way of life. We want to change mobility within Münster fundamentally to the favour of the general public, their health, urban sustainability, urban development, social equality, and quality of life.
We want to take action to make pedestrians‘ lives easier and create a more attractive and safe environment on our pavements. We want to step in and redistribute the urban transport land usage in a way that promotes cycling by investing intensively into infrastructure for bicycles and cargo bikes. We demand an integrated transport sector that interconnects between all rental and shared mobility modes. This includes a straightforward structure of fares and the integration of all providers in one collective app. We call for the construction of a circular suburban railway around Münster and a railless tram network that consists of seven routes. We want to use artificial intelligence to remodel the bus network and improve its performance, capacity, and shorten the intervals between each service. We want a redistribution of the private transport sector with an old town that is
closed for cars and a citywide network of designated dead-end streets.

Sustainable Münster.

We strive for a Münster that becomes a pioneer and role model in the areas such as climate protection, revegetation, animal rights, and promotion of local food production. Our aim is that Münster becomes climate neutral in 2030 at the latest.
The production of renewable energy is the keystone of our climate policies. Emissions have to be reduced drastically. Münster has to push for the expansion of photovoltaic facilities on urban rooftops and with solar panels above non-covered municipal parking lots. Further concepts of renewable energies such as heat pumps and wind energy need to be planned carefully and realised quickly. We need to move away from fossil heating systems. We need a so-called smart grid for more efficient use of electricity. Münster is in desperate need of urban CO2 Sinks. We want to put great emphasis on sustainable construction. We believe in the use of wood, agroforestry, and generally planting new trees and plants.
The protection of animals, including insects, is a serious matter to us. The preservation and creation of biotopes and habitats for insects ensure their survival.
Münster is also a center of agriculture. Volt wants to work alongside farmers creating the agriculture of the future. The efforts for the creation of sustainable and environmentally friendly agriculture should be more appreciated and supported by the city council. Volt Münster embraces networks such as Münsters Alliance for Climate Protection and calls for their extension.

Social Münster.

Our Münster is our home: A community of equality, solidarity and diversity in which all citizens can live in dignity. We desire to strengthen this social cohesion and create a more attractive, diverse, and multifaceted urban environment.
To ensure affordable housing, several instruments need to be used simultaneously for this purpose, e.g. social housing, a sustainable and sensitive urban densification, a reporting obligation for landlords, alternative projects concepts like a multigenerational living, and a strategy to increase the applications for “Wohngeld”. Ending homelessness is our long term goal, which we want to reach by granting access to their own flat for homeless citizens with the “housing first” mentality.
Fellow citizens with a migration background shall be actively involved and integrated into Münster’s society by increasing the sheer number of programs, events, and courses where the integration of new members of our city can take place.
As a university city, education is a central theme in for Volt, especially when it comes to politics. We want to encourage existing schools to be open for reform and call for a central office with a campus manager that works together with all school principals and manages the cooperation, communication, and overlapping duties. We aspire to establish a variation to the existing all-day concept, so-called lark and Owl classes. Students can decide whether to start their school day around 7:30 am (lark), or 9:00 am (owl).
We want to implement measures that increase the security on the way home at night. Smaller, but just as essential and practical, are projects like a citywide network of drinking fountains.
As a pan-European party, we advocate with all our decisions for inclusion, integration, Anti-discrimination, and equality. Xenophobia has no place in Münster, not now and not in the future!

Digital and innovative Münster.

The digital competence of the EU is dependent on municipalities. We advocate for the digital sovereignty of the EU and support undertakings of innovative technologies like European cloud projects along with security standards, smart solutions and the interplay with artificial intelligence. Digital requirements need to be fulfilled, and “white spots‘‘ in rural areas have to become a thing of the past. Volt Münster aims to bring new energy and innovation through digitalisation into our local economy and community.
Münster needs to be attractive to specialists, qualified employees, and innovative businesses. Additionally, public servants, employees or entrepreneurs should be motivated to follow the principles of lifelong education. We stand up for the acceleration of the digital public administration within the scope of the “Onlinezugangsgesetz” to be better prepared for challenges like climate change and CoVid-19, so that a better and quicker response is possible in the future.

European Münster.

The coordination of municipal activities within Europe and the EU shall be improved and intensified through an expansion of the Bureau for European Affairs. Multilingual municipal websites indicate approachability and facilitate the integration of new citizens. The topic “Europe and the EU” shall have a lasting and more substantial presence during big festivities. Collaboration on the EU-level between partner cities will be intensified over already existing platforms and simultaneously increased in efficiency.
We aim to simplify the settlement of EU citizens.
We want to achieve this by the creation of an EU-Welcome-Desk as a first go-to point for new fellow citizens and the expansion of voluntary Sponsorships of long-standing citizens with new ones.

Information about the Elections

When? 13th of September 2020
Who? EU-citizens older than 16 registered in Münster
How? In your local polling station or postal vote
Whom? Volt :)

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